Click on video demonstrate an easy heatless hair curling and wavy hair style.

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Heatless waves

Get a hot summer look without the hair-drying heat. Watch Bea Carmichael, Global Educator of Styling, use our Air Dry summer set to show you how.


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Add nutriplenish daily moisturizing treatment & texture tonic to cart for those carefree day-to-nights.
Summer Set
Air Dry
nutriplenish™ daily moisturizing treatment & texture tonic for those carefree day-to-nights.


STEP 1: Apply a small amount of nutriplenish daily moisturizing treatment in sections working from roots to ends.

STEP 2: Starting with ends and working up to roots, comb hair in a downward motion to evenly distribute product and eliminate tangles.

STEP 3: Lift a section of hair with fingers. Release slowly while spraying texture tonic from roots to ends. Repeat on remaining hair.

STEP 4: Take large section of hair from natural part and detangle with comb. Wrap section of hair around two fingers, lengths to ends, to form a tight curl.

STEP 5: Hold curl with opposite hand and remove fingers. Squeeze curl gently, holding for a few seconds. Slowly release.

STEP 6: Repeat steps 4 – 5 on remaining hair.

STEP 7: Let air-dry.

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