Ricardo Dinis talks to us about his favorite tips and products for men’s hair care as well as his skin care regime that he does daily. He also goes into the science behind why these products are beneficial to you and when to use each one.


Essentials for men's hair and skincare


STEP 1: Wash hair with aveda men pure-formance shampoo to cleanse and soothe your scalp.

STEP 2: Condition hair with aveda men pure-formance conditioner to soften, add shine, and protect your hair and scalp.

STEP 3: If you are concerned with hair loss, wash hair with invati men nourishing exfoliating shampoo to cleanse and remove dead skin cells to renew your scalp and promote hair growth.

STEP 4: Apply invati men scalp revitalizer directly to your scalp and massage in with your fingertips.

STEP 5: Use aveda men pure-formance grooming clay for a medium hold, matte, pliable style. Apply to your palms and work through your hair. Ideal for short hair.

STEP 6: Use aveda men pure-formance grooming cream for a medium hold, pliable style. Ideal for long or curly hair.

STEP 7: Use aveda men pure-formance liquid pomade to add smoothness and shine throughout your hair.

STEP 8: Use aveda men pure-formance firm hold gel for maximum hold, definition and shine.

STEP 9: Wash your face with botanical kinetics purifying gel cleanser to gently cleanse and remove impurities.

STEP 10: Spray botanical kinetics toning mist to face to refresh and hydrate your skin.

STEP 11: Apply botanical kinetics intense hydrating soft creme to your face and neck to instantly add moisture to skin.

STEP 12: Apply botanical kinetics energizing eye creme under your eyes gently with your ring finger to reduce the look of dark circles.