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Beachy waves

No beach, no problem. Global Educator of Styling, Bea Carmichael, shows you how to create a beautiful beachy waves hairstyle with hold and hydration using our Hold On The Go summer set.

LEVEL: Intermediate

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Add nutriplenish styling treatment foam & air control hairspray to cart for ponies, buns and braids.
Summer set
Hold On The Go

nutriplenish™ styling treatment foam & air control™ hairspray for ponies, buns and braids.


STEP 1: Apply nutriplenish styling treatment foam from roots to ends. Separate top layer of hair and secure with clip.

STEP 2: Use blow-dryer and brush of choice to quickly smooth bottom layer at the roots to ensure styling treatment foam is dry.

STEP 3: Remove clip and repeat step 2 on top layer of hair.

STEP 4: Section hair horizontally. Secure top half with clip once more.

STEP 5: Take section of hair, about the width of curling iron barrel, from bottom layer. Lightly spritz with air control light hold hair spray. Let dry for a few sections.

STEP 6: Hold curling iron vertical, with clamp closed. Wrap hair around barrel and hold for 10 seconds. Note direction hair is wrapped around barrel.

STEP 7: Remove curling iron and catch curl in hand. Hold for 10 seconds, then slowly release.

STEP 8: Repeat steps 5-7 on next section; this time wrapping hair in opposite direction. Repeat on remaining sections, continuing to alternate direction hair is wrapped.

STEP 9: Unclip top section and repeat steps 5-8 on remaining layers.

STEP 10: To curl hair nearest the face, open curling iron clamp and wrap small section around barrel. Wrap hair away from face and close clamp. Hold for count of 10.

STEP 11: Remove curling iron and catch curl in hand. Hold for 10 seconds, then slowly release.

STEP 12: Repeat steps 10-11 on remaining pieces.

PRO TIP: Hold curling iron near brow and pull hair forward to create face-framing definition.

STEP 13: Loosen curls by slowly scrunching hair, until hair spray breaks up and curls soften.

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