Model Arizona Muse holding bottle of shampoo.






Arizona Muse, world renowned fashion model and climate activist, has been a veritable force in the industry for the last decade. But upon realizing that fashion’s manufacturing practices may be contributing to the ongoing climate crisis, Arizona committed to learning more about sustainability.


Today, she encourages brands to adopt principles of circularity, working to solve fashion’s pollution and justice problems. A bridge between the worlds of fashion and environmental activism, Arizona deftly uses her platform to educate, engage and encourage action.


We’re thrilled to announce that Arizona is Aveda’s first-ever Global Advocate for Sustainability. Below, she shares three tips for living a more sustainable life, as well as her 100% vegan Aveda favorites.



Get informed on ingredients


Arizona notes that Aveda has a huge amount of power to create positive change through responsible sourcing of ingredients.


Seeking out responsibly sourced, plant-derived ingredients in your everyday products is a great first step to living a more sustainable life.



Focus on Packaging


Arizona recommends supporting brands that embrace responsible packaging practices, such as the use of post-consumer recycled materials. She remarks, “Aveda has made huge efforts to not use virgin plastic or petrochemical plastic in their packaging”. Aveda strives to minimize packaging as much as possible and maximize its use of PCR while maintaining packaging performance.


We’re proud to have been the first beauty company using 100% post-consumer recycled PET. Today, more than 84% of our skin care and hair styling PET bottles and jars contain 100% post-consumer recycled materials.



Make one small change


When it comes to making a positive impact on our planet, knowing where to start can be difficult. It’s easy to feel like your choices don’t matter or won’t have any influence. Recently, Arizona shared these thoughts on her Instagram account:


Model Arizona Muse fixing hair.

“Lowering your own environmental impact isn’t exactly black and white. However, never underestimate the power of your small actions… small changes can eventually end up being the reason consumers start to demand higher sustainability standards from businesses.”

As she suggests, real change starts small: Begin your sustainability journey with just one decision and you’ll be surprised by the resounding ripple effects. One good place to start? Your daily hair care routine. Read on for Arizona’s 100% vegan Aveda favorites.



Arizona's Aveda Favorites


These 100% vegan products keep Arizona’s hair looking and feeling its healthiest— no compromises necessary.


nutriplenish light moisture shampoo and conditioner: Brimming with omega-5 antioxidants, nutriplenish is her go-to system for keeping her hair moisturized.


botanical repair intensive strengthening masque: rich: Used weekly—and more often when she’s doing heat styling—this bond-building treatment helps to repair, restore and protect her hair.


nutriplenish multi-use hair oil: For added hydration, she applies this superfood-packed hair oil while in the bath.


texture tonic and phomollient styling foam: Her 100% vegan styling essentials infuse her hair with body and add weightless volume, respectively.


aveda wooden paddle brush: Keeps her hair feeling smooth and looking shiny.