There’s no need to fear this fall’s trends—they are neither exclusive nor intimidating. Among the highlights are radiant skin, red lips, and smoky eyes. Intrigued? Read on.


“The hard thing with makeup trends is that they don’t always work for everyone,” says Janell Geason, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Makeup. But this season’s looks are less about a prescribed aesthetic and more about creating the aura of a “woman who has lived a rich life,” says Janell. When it comes to color, that translates to deeper, richer shades, such as jewel-toned metallic eye shadows and crimson lipstick. If you’re uneasy about such an intense eye look, consider experimenting on lips or eyes, rather than both, says Janell.




Aveda’s Autumn/Winter Collection—titled Fōklôr —features makeup that can help anyone achieve dramatic effects, but also a few pieces to achieve a subtler kind of elegance. For eyes, there are two shades of petal essence™ eye definer: slate shimmer, a cool grey with a bit of sheen, and gypsum gold, a warm golden hue, as well as four petal essence™ single eye colors, including chia (deep purple); rose quartz (medium pink); dusted sage and balsam (lighter and darker shades of green, respectively).


For lips, the lineup includes nourish-mint™ smoothing lipcolor, a full-coverage formula in carnelian, a warm, deep red; nourish-mint sheer™ mineral lip color in primrose, a cool neutral pink; nourish-mint™ rehydrating lip glaze in pink lupin, also a wearable, suits-all pink; nourish-mint™ lip shine in chuparosa, a medium red, and nourish-mint™ lip liner in tarragona, a saturated red.


Janell says that using shades that contrast with your irises (say, purple tones if they’re green) can make your eye color stand out. Another approach is to play off the little flecks of color inside your irises. For example, if your eyes are brown with gilded speckles, use golden shadow. Also, keep in mind that if your eyes are small, lining all the way around them may make them appear squinty. A better strategy is to keep liner on the upper eyelids only and to use lighter-toned shadow near your lash line. To make color last, Janell says the trick is to prep your lids with eye shadow primer and to make sure your lips are well hydrated (or they’ll absorb the cream in your lipstick). In a pinch, translucent face powder acts as a primer on either area.




Essential to both looks is stellar skin. “You’re not trying to mask it, you’re aiming to enhance it and bring out its beauty even more,” says Janell. For a done, but not overdone effect, she recommends using a tinted moisturizer and topping it with concealer in spots where extra coverage is needed, such as under the eyes or around the nose.


The final touch? “Amazing brows,” says Janell. “They’re beautiful, full, and natural.”


With a little powder, that’s a trend we can all pull off.


Are you loving these new fall colors?

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