Multiply your

moisture with hair oil


The hydrating power of nutriplenish multi-use hair oil


Hair oil at its best benefits hair in many ways, and is particularly perfect for hydrating dry hair and sealing in moisture. To understand how it works, we’ll walk you through how your hair may become dry in the first place and how nutriplenish multi-use hair oil delivers the moisture it needs. We’ll also explore its 5 power oils and 5 ways to use it to maximize your hair hydration.



The scoop on dry hair


If you’re often wondering “why is my hair so dry?” it’s important to understand the state of dry hair. Moisturized, healthy hair contains lipids, which are a part of your hair shaft that help keep it shiny, manageable and strong.

Your hair loses lipids and becomes depleted of moisture due to shampooing, regular wear and tear and chemical damage. This leaves hair feeling dry and brittle. Dry hair also tangles easily and tends to feel rough due to lost lipids.

Although some people have hair that tends to be more dry naturally, your daily hair care routine may also be part of the problem. If you heat style your hair, you may be stripping it of moisture. The climate where you live can also affect your hair, which is why everyone’s dry hair needs can be different. Learning how to hydrate hair with hair oil can help keep it looking healthy and shinier every day.



The one-of-a-kind hydration hero


Nutriplenish multi-use hair oil is an innovation in hair oil because it delivers nutrient-powered moisture and shine in a 100% naturally derived formula,1 that is safe for all hair types and hair textures, including fine-to-thick to coily hair from 1A to 4C, as well as color treated and chemically processed hair.

Our lightweight hair oil is created with five power oils:

•     Organic pomegranate seed oil revitalizes brittle hair and smooths the hair’s surface

•     Coconut oil softens and add luster

•     Avocado oil penetrates the hair shaft with moisture

•     Jojoba oil moisturizes and balances the scalp

•     Mango oil nourishes and adds shine


One of our favorite things about our nutriplenish multi-use hair oil is its luscious, beautifully fresh, spicy, floral aroma featuring cocoa and certified organic cardamom, ginger and lemongrass.



The power of 5


With five power oils and five ways to use it, nutriplenish multi-use hair oil is the perfect hair treatment to revitalize and restore dull, dry strands. We recommend exploring the variety of uses to create your signature hair oil treatment rituals.





1.     Pre-shampoo: Use before shampooing for a lavish new routine. 
How to: Apply evenly to dry hair from scalp to ends. Shampoo.

2.     Leave-in treatment: Perfect as a hair hydration treatment before styling, to condition and nourish hair. This will also help leave hair super soft, smooth and shiny. 
How to: On damp hair, dispense 1-2 pumps into hand, and apply evenly to hair. Style as desired.

3.     Overnight: Helps dramatically hydrate, condition and smooth hair overnight. How to: Apply to dry hair from scalp to ends, and gently massage into hair. Do not rinse. Shampoo the next morning.

4.     Scalp massage: Give yourself a relaxing, at-home spa moment with a dry scalp treatment. 
How to: Apply to scalp for ultra hydration and massage in circular motions to relax your senses. 
Pro-tip: Concentrate on the 5 pressure points to help relieve tension.

5.     Post-styling: Provides heat-styled hair with lustre, and smooths flyaways. 
How to: Use in small amounts on dry hair from mid-lengths to ends.




Whatever your hydration needs are, nutriplenish multi-use hair oil will help revitalize your hair and restore radiant shine.







1Per ISO Standard 16128. From plant sources, non-petroleum mineral sources, and/or water.