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At Aveda, we believe strength is more than a physical measure, it comes from within. To celebrate the inner and outer strength of women we’ve partnered with Refinery29 to create The Unbreakable Bond Series. Discover the inspiring stories of four women who harness their power to protect the planet and their hair using our bond-building botanical repair collection.



Unbreakable strength, inside out


From deep diving for ocean conservation to going the distance as a U.S. National Running Champion, our botanical repair ambassadors know a thing or two about strength and repair. As they follow their life-callings and devote time to breaking barriers and pushing boundaries in their careers, their hair is put to the ultimate test. Daily exposure to the sun, sand and elements weakens and damages their fine hair, waves, curls and coils.


Refinery29 x Aveda partnership imagery of Botanical Repair Intensive Strengthening Masques.

Their hair strengthening solution? Our 100% vegan botanical repair intensive strengthening masques, formulated for plant-powered, 3-layer hair repair.


Get to know our strong women and their restorative routines




As a vegan chef, consultant and creative, Tara strives to shape a world where everyone has access to healthy food. An urban farmer based in New York City, she’s crafted a connection between modern spaces and nature, empowering her community and beyond with her knowledge of radical agriculture.


While Tara spends her days outdoors cultivating fresh harvests for herself and others, her curls face nature head on. “At the community garden, there are so many different elements involved—the sunlight, the rain or the wind. All of that alchemy is going to potentially damage my hair and skin,” Tara explains.


How does she practice self-care and strengthen her damaged curls from the inside out? With her hair care routine starring our botanical repair intensive strengthening masque: rich. Our deeply conditioning formula instantly repairs her hair for softer, visibly healthier curls, and protects them from future damage she might encounter while farming.




Maddie strives to protect our oceanic ecosystems. As a marine biologist, ocean conservationist and dive master, she’s dedicated her life to restoring our coral reefs, cleaning our oceans and, ultimately, making a difference.


After soaking up the sun, sand and sea day after day, Maddie knows the immense moisture-stripping power of these elements. She embarked on a long journey to explore how to best care for her wavy hair while diving and venturing underwater. The vegan hair repair go-to she found? Our botanical repair intensive strengthening masque: rich.


Our buttery cream instantly transforms her tangled, damaged hair into softer, smoother strands after just one use. Plus, one more important reason she loves our masquing essential? Its 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) packaging. At Aveda, housing our vegan formulas in responsible packaging aligns with our mission to care for the Earth.


By shopping sustainably and recycling products you, too, can help support our planet. “We need to have conversations about everything we use throughout the day. If we harness our power, we can make a difference when it comes to protecting the planet,” Maddie says.




A Kenyan-American National U.S. Running Champion and new mom, Aliphine harnesses her strength with every step. While growing up in a small village in rural Kenya, she channeled her energy into long distance running and pursuing her education to achieve any and every goal she set.


Combining her inner and outer strength to reach the finish line, Aliphine’s outdoor training comes as the ultimate test of endurance as she’s trained in snow, thunderstorms and hailstorms. Her hair also faces nature’s elements.


“As a Black woman who runs outside, I have very hard, coarse hair. The sweating, the washing and re-washing of my hair definitely makes it very, very dry,” she tells us. That’s why our botanical repair intensive strengthening masque: rich is the key to her routine. Formulated with added butters and lipids*, our sumptuous formula instantly repairs her natural coils and gives them the bond-building boost they need.




As a conservation biologist and National Geographic explorer, Imogene dedicates her time to not only protecting our planet, but also its endangered creatures. Her day-to-day as a PhD student and wildlife enthusiast calls upon her deep knowledge of science and tests her data collection skills, all while navigating the great outdoors.


When venturing into the field, the constant exposure to elements weakens her hair, making strengthening and repair Imogene’s fine hair care focus. Enter our lightweight, vegan botanical repair intensive strengthening masque: light—her must-have for instantly softening and smoothing brittle hair. Our plant-based formula weightlessly conditions for instant repair and added shine, without weighing down her strands.


One more reason botanical repair is her favorite? Our 100% vegan and cruelty free formulas. Helping protect Earth’s animals is a foundational part of our mission to care for the world and ensuring our products are “people tested” is just one way we hold ourselves accountable.



Empower your routine


From building their passions into incredible life works to building bonds within their hair, the women of our Unbreakable Bond Series embody the true meaning of strength.


Using our plant-powered botanical repair intensive strengthening masques, these extraordinary women make a difference in our world without compromising their hair health. Take the first step in creating your own strengthening journey and face hair damage head-on with vegan hair care that repairs from within.




With 100% vegan repair, our botanical repairambassadors strengthen their hair and our planet.







*When compared to the botanical repair intensive strengthening masque: light.