Aveda nutriplenish hair care model.




Did you know that your hair needs UV protection* to stay healthy and hydrated? We’re sharing how the sun’s harsh rays can dry out your strands, and how our nutriplenish collection can shield and hydrate your hair all summer and beyond.



UV protection* is dry hair prevention


Protecting hair from the drying effects of the sun is important for everyone and all hair types. Whether you have straight strands, waves, curls or coils, intense UV rays can dehydrate your hair and strip it of moisture. Not only is it important to shield natural hair from drying UV rays, it’s a must for color-treated hair too. Shielding colored hair from sun exposure can help preserve your vibrant hue and prevent faded, bleached and brassy strands.


Since the sun is always strong, sun-shielding hair care is a must all year-round too, not just in summer.



How exactly do UV rays cause dry hair?


When the days get warmer, are you often asking yourself “why is my hair so dry”? The answer has to do with your exposure to the sun. The sun’s strong rays can deplete lipids from your hair. Lipids are an essential part of the hair shaft because they coat and protect hair, plus help lock in hydration. When hair loses its natural lipids it also loses moisture. This leaves hair dry and brittle and in serious need of hydration. Luckily, the right nourishing hair care can bring back lush, shiny hair in no time.



Reflect. Protect. Repeat.


How can you create your own sun-shielding regimen? With our 100% vegan nutriplenish collection. Our nutriplenish leave-in conditioner and daily moisturizing treatment are the ultimate hair styling tools for protecting your hair from the drying effects of the sun. We formulated both with sand ginger, a potent botanical that reflects sunlight off of your hair. This naturally derived UV filter helps keep the sun’s energy from being absorbed by your hair, so you can soak up warmer days, not the sun. Read on below to discover which nutriplenish hair protectant is right for you.


Product image of nutriplenish leave-in conditioner.




Our 98% naturally derived** nutriplenish leave-in conditioner is perfect if you’re looking for a lightweight formula or have fine-to-medium hair. This mist spray instantly nourishes, detangles and protects hair while providing hydration for up to 72 hours.




A rich cream formula, our newest addition to the nutriplenish family is 99% naturally derived** and ideal for those with super-dry hair or medium-to-thick hair. We formulated it with 8x the the superfoods and 4x the hydration*** to bring even more hair moisture to your hair care routine. When your hair is dry it melts into strands and, like our leave-in conditioner, helps lock in hydration for up to 72 hours.


Whichever no-rinse formula you choose, you can feel good knowing you’re protecting your hair from the drying effects of the sun with every use.



Ultra-hydrating ingredients


In addition to the UV filters in nutriplenish leave-in conditioner and daily moisturizing treatment, the entire nutriplenish collection helps replenish sun-zapped lipids and delivers major hair hydration. Meet the lipid-rich superfoods in these vegan hair products that can help bring your hair back to life.




This lipid-rich butter helps nourish and smooth dry, frizzy hair for hydration and softness.




An omega-5 rich oil that leaves hair lush and visibly healthier. Lipids in this oil coat and smooth the hair.




A luxuriously rich oil full of essential fatty acids, lipids in coconut oil penetrate the hair cuticle to help lock in hydration from within.




Discover your UV hair forecast


Whether it’s 70’s and sunny, or overcast and humid, protecting and hydrating your strands from drying UV rays is a must. Find out which nutriplenish you need for all types of weather.




Apply nutriplenish daily moisturizing treatment for UV protection* and ultra-hydration.




Comb in our nutriplenish leave-in conditioner for UV protection* (still a cloudy-day must!) and 100% vegan frizz control.




Tame wind-whipped ends with our ultra-nourishing, 100% naturally derived** nutriplenish multi-use hair oil.




This summer and beyond, protect your hair with the UV filters in our nutriplenish collection.






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*Protects against the drying effects of the sun.

**From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.

***8 times more superfood butters and oils than leave-in conditioner. 4 times the hydration of untreated hair.