The many beautiful

benefits of rosemary



For mind, body and hair

What is rosemary oil extract? Rosemary oil is a naturally derived leaf extract of the rosemary plant Rosmarinus officinalis from the rosemary evergreen shrub. Native to the Mediterranean region, it has been used for centuries for its beloved and numerous qualities.

In our formulas, we use rosemary oil because of its far-reaching effects for mind, hair and body but also to prevent oxidation and keep other oils in our product formulations fresh. Akin to peppermint oil, rosemary oil can help boost hair, scalp and skin health (and mood) as it invigorates and nourishes. That’s why we’ve combined rosemary and peppermint oil in our rosemary mint collection.


Rosemary oil for hair and beauty





Rosemary oil is a hair and beauty must-have ingredient. Elle1 put Aveda’s best-selling rosemary mint purifying shampoo first in line for their ‘The best rosemary oil products for hair’ list. “It smells amazing and is a personal favorite of mine,” says Dr. Nussbaum for Elle magazine. “It is great for fine hair as it contains white vinegar as well which decreases product build-up that can cause stress on the follicle.” Gentle, clarifying and 97% naturally derived2 ingredients in our rosemary mint shampoo are formulated to leave your hair feeling squeaky clean, reset and looking shiny.


Our most-loved rosemary mint collection isn’t the only evidence that we love and believe in the power of rosemary oil. Enter: nutriplenish multi-use hair oil, featuring a concentrated blend of power oils for superfood-infused hair hydration, and the newest addition to our Aveda family, scalp solutions. While the benefits of our scalp solutions refreshing protective mist (and scalp solutions collection in general) are vast, a meticulously formulated blend of rosemary and ginger extracts, combined with vitamin E and resveratrol, act as powerful antioxidants that can help protect the scalp from oxidative stressors.


Rosemary mint aroma for mind and body


Aveda’s popular rosemary mint aroma comes naturally from rosemary organic essential oil. According to our Pure-Fumer, Guy Vincent, both rosemary and peppermint are proven to wake up your senses. “The smell transmission from your nose to your brain has a profound effect,” he explains. “Aromatherapy, or aromaology as it’s called at Aveda, is the targeted use of essential oils and aromatic plant extracts to promote wellness. It works when the plant's chemical messages register with the brain after smelling.” Individually, both rosemary and peppermint work to wake you up, but they’re better together. “When they’re expertly blended, their effect is amplified,” Guy says.





Known for its fresh, cooling, and herbaceous nature—in a consumer study, 90% of respondents said our rosemary mint aroma was effective in making them feel more awake, cool and refreshed. Based on a second study conducted by Aveda, the rosemary mint aroma was proven to help energize, sharpen focus, promote concentration and clear the mind. That’s enough motivation to get out of bed in the morning, right?


How can you make adding rosemary oil into your daily routine simple? Cue Aveda’s artisan hand-poured rosemary mint vegan soy wax candle—to enjoy the rosemary oil aromatherapy benefits any time of day or night—designed to fill your space with invigorating certified organic rosemary, peppermint, and spearmint and other pure flower and plant essences to revive the mind. Rosemary mint hand and body wash and rosemary mint body lotion also offer two easy ways to include the restorative rosemary plant into your routine.



Rosemary oil for hair, mind and body: deeply nourishing for great hair and skin with an iconic aroma to wake up your senses.







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2Per ISO Standard 16128. From plant sources, non-petroleum mineral sources, and/or water.