The world’s most precious natural resource? Water. It’s the basis of life. Today, to celebrate World Water Day, we’re kicking off Earth Month with a new challenge: to provide clean water to 100,000 people, and nearly double our goal from last year. To make this happen, Aveda is teaming up with charity: water, our global philanthropic partner, to raise funds for this crucial cause. Just $40 can provide clean water, for someone in need. We know with your help we can reach our goal.


Earth Month is important to Aveda. But why focus on water? In addition to it being essential for survival for all living beings, Aveda relies on water to make our products and provide our high-touch services around the world. Since 1999, the Aveda network has raised nearly $65M through our annual Earth Month campaign, improving 1.3 million lives around the world, and protecting 1,700 watersheds in the communities where our Aveda network and guests work and live.





Here in the United States, Aveda works with over 70 non-profit partners who are experts in protecting clean water locally. For example, since 2007, our Aveda network and guests have raised $3.8M for local partner Alliance for the Great Lakes to support important programs including working to protect clean water in communities like Flint, Michigan, where residents are still struggling with possibly unsafe water.


Think about how water impacts your life. You use it multiple times before you even step outside the house. But imagine if you had to spend 4 hours of your day just to find it. In Africa, for example, women spend 40 billion hours every year, walking to get water for their families which is often dirty and full of diseases*. It’s something many never have to think about, but for 1 out of 10 people in the world**, this is reality.





This year we challenge you to use World Water Day to think about ways to conserve water.

To get you started here are some tips:


+ An 8 minute shower uses 24 gallons of water with a standard shower head.*** Switching to a low-flow showerhead cuts that amount in half to 12 gallons.***

+ Daydream in the shower? Set an alarm on your phone to keep it short.

+ Skip a hair wash altogether and use our nutriplenish™ leave-in conditioner to instantly hydrate and nourish dry, frizzy hair for 72 hours. Or to restyle your curls or waves, swap in our rinseless refresh™ micellar hair & scalp refresher, and you’ll be good as clean in no time.


You can start donating right away here and follow @aveda on Instagram for more ways to support charity: water during Earth Month, starting April 1st


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